Frequently Asked

I work in social care or run a local community group, how can I get involved?

Dreamachine provides a rare opportunity for reflection, exchange and connection – a safe place for group members to reconnect with themselves, and each other, in new and surprising ways.

We’ve already worked with over 3,000 local residents and community groups to develop the experience over the last 2 years, with participants ranging from 18 to 93 years old – and there is still so much more we can do. During this pilot phase, our aim is to listen and to learn about how we can continue to deepen the social impact of Dreamachine.

We are therefore keen to support local resident and community groups to attend Dreamachine, especially individuals who may ordinarily experience multiple challenges to participation. If you are part of a local community or resident group, or if you work in social care or health and wellbeing and think the experience could benefit you or your group, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. We can organise closed group sessions, or support your individual members to book at a time that suits them.  

You can read more about our approach to access and inclusion.

How can I support Dreamachine?

If you support our vision and would like to help us shape the next phase of our journey, please use this form to get in touch, or leave us feedback.

We’d love to hear from you.

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