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Access Information

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We understand disability within the social model.

This means that we are committed to making the live and online Dreamachine experience as accessible as possible.

Dreamachine has been developed with extensive focus group research to ensure it is as inclusive and accessible as possible, including for wheelchair users, those who use mobility aids, blind and partially sighted people, and deaf and hard of hearing people.

Adapted Experiences

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Deep Listening Experience

Curl up in a blanket, sit back, close your eyes (or keep them open) and get lost in a moment that is just for you. Deep Listening is an audio experience designed to be enjoyed in the dark and to be as accessible as possible to those who may have sensitivities to high sensory environments. If you are sensitive to loud music, ear defenders can be provided.

The Deep Listening experience does not contain flashing light and is considered suitable for autistic people and those with epilepsy, a learning disability, or a sensitivity to strobe lighting.

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Relaxed Experience

All Dreamachine experiences are available as a relaxed experience. This means a relaxed attitude to noise and movement, where you can freely enter and exit the live experience when needed. This is suitable for anyone who would benefit from a more informal setting including autistic people and those with dementia, a movement disorder, anxiety, Tourette’s, bowel and bladder conditions, or a learning disability.

There is also a dedicated quiet area in the Reflection Space for participants who may need time away from the experience.

Relaxed experiences are available for both the High Sensory and Deep Listening experiences. You can book a relaxed experience on our ticket booking page. If you would like to attend a relaxed experience with a group, please contact dreamachine@collectiveact.co.uk.

Sensory Access

Ear defenders and ear plugs are available for those with sensitivities to loud and/or intense sound. Please speak to a member of staff on arrival and we can make these adjustments for you.

A range of assistive equipment is available for all our spaces which allow for sensory stimulation to be reduced. Please speak to a member of staff on arrival and we can make these adjustments for you.

A social narrative is available for Studio Dreamachine, this includes any sensory challenges (sound/light/smell/touch/etc and the presence of sudden noises/ lights) visitors may face on their way to or at the venue. The social narrative will be available on our website soon; in the meantime, please contact dreamachine@collectiveact.co.uk. Storyboards are available on our venue pages, coming soon.

Auditory Access

We offer a British Sign Language (BSL)-interpreted video to accompany all Dreamachine experiences.

Quiet Space

After all Dreamachine experiences, you are invited to spend time in our interactive Reflection Space at the venue, with opportunities to participate in creative or contemplative activities by yourself and with others. If you want space away from others or the experience during your visit, we have a number of options where you can sit back and relax. A member of staff will be able to point you in the right direction on the day.

All Dreamachine venues are wheelchair-accessible. There are wheelchair spaces available for every Dreamachine experience. You can book a wheelchair ticket online.

If you would prefer to not sit in your wheelchair for the experience, please book a wheelchair transfer ticket online.

Sometimes visitors will need to queue while waiting for the experience to begin. If queuing is not accessible for you, please speak to a member of staff on arrival and we can make alternative arrangements with you.

The seats inside the Dreamachine are low and in a reclined position, and have been designed to be cushioned and comfortable. However, if you find accessing low seating or a reclined position challenging, we can provide an upright seating position with armrests. This can be booked with your ticket.

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Guide and Assistance Dogs

We welcome guide and assistance dogs to the Dreamachine to ensure access for visitors who would not otherwise be able to attend and participate in the experience. Owners are expected to take responsibility for their assistance dog throughout their visit and show accreditation upon arrival. Please note that part of the experience has flashing lights and loud music, and is not appropriate for dogs to enter that element of the session. We suggest you bring a companion to look after your guide or assistance dog, and we can provide a waiting area for this. No other animals are permitted in our building.

Personal Assistant/Companion Tickets

If you require the assistance of a friend or helper in order to attend the experience, you will need to book two tickets for the same session.


We have accessible toilets at every venue.


An accessible parking space is available at Studio Dreamachine. Please reserve this in advance of your visit by contacting dreamachine@collectiveact.co.uk

Get in Touch

If you would like to discuss access provision at Dreamachine, please get in touch with us.

Our teams are aware of the diversity of access requirements and are here to support you.

If you need assistance in accessing any of our online content or if you feel you might need assistance when visiting the Dreamachine please contact us at dreamachine@collectiveact.co.uk

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