A rad wolf

Dreamachine Prototype

Join us in developing an immersive experience like no other.

Hackney, London
May 2023

Dreamachine is a 5* immersive experience like no other. This seated, multisensory experience will offer you an entirely new way to disconnect from everyday life, and reconnect with both yourself and others.

It is inspired by an extraordinary 1959 invention by artist Brion Gysin, described as the ‘first artwork to be experienced with your eyes closed’. The 21st Century Dreamachine has been created by a team of leading minds in architecture, technology, music, neuroscience, and philosophy, including Turner Prize-winning collective Assemble and Grammy-nominated composer Jon Hopkins.

After a sell-out tour of the UK in 2022, we are continuing developing the experience ahead of an international tour. We want to hear your feedback as we evolve the experience to ensure it is as inclusive and accessible as possible.

A rad wolf

Join us for a prototyping session

Fast flashing bright lights – known as strobe lighting – and music are combined to create this deeply immersive experience. For many people, the effects will generate colourful patterns and visuals behind your closed eyes.

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Dreamachine has been developed to ensure it is as inclusive and accessible as possible. If you have any access requirements, please visit our Access page or email us directly hello@collectiveact.co.uk for more information on what we can offer.

What's Next

We believe we’ve only just scratched the surface of what is possible with Dreamachine – creatively, socially, and scientifically. Could there be a Dreamachine on every high street? What experiences might we discover in other countries and cultures, and what could this tell us about the complex and beautiful nature of being human?

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