Are lemons fast or slow?

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Are lemons fast or slow?

Did an answer come to you automatically? Why? Fruit doesn’t have speed. However, many people make associations between unrelated things, and we’re not sure why.

The Perception Census is a series of games, illusions and brain teasers which explores these quirks of the mind. You’ll learn about your own powers of perception and you’ll be part of the first major study on perceptual diversity. If enough people take part, the results could transform our understanding of how, and why, we each experience the world differently.

Led by world-leading academics Professor of Neuroscience Anil Seth from the University of Sussex and Professor of Philosophy Fiona Macpherson from the University of Glasgow, this ground-breaking study is an exciting part of our Dreamachine programme.

Complete the first section of the Perception Census from a computer, and and ask your friends, family and colleagues to do the same. After you finish each section, we’ll reveal a little bit about the science behind the task, how well you did and what we are hoping to learn from your participation.



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