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Experience Dreamachine at Edinburgh's Most Famous Ice Rink

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In Edinburgh, Dreamachine finds its home at Murrayfield Ice Rink; originally completed in 1938 the ice rink was set to open its doors to the Edinburgh public in September of 1939. Sadly, this was thwarted by the onset of World War 2 and it took another twelve years before the public could enjoy the building with the rink quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular. Once again, the rink was forced to close its doors to the public in March 2020. This is the first time they reopen as Dreamachine breathe life back in to this thriving community space.

Created by Collective Act, Dreamachine is presented in Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh International Festival in partnership with Edinburgh Science, from 13 August – 25 July. Tickets to the immersive experience are free and selling fast – book now to avoid disappointment.

Collective Act Director, Jennifer Crook explains:

“Beyond the confines of screens or devices, our programme will creatively explore the most fundamental of human connections: how we perceive and make sense of the world  around us. Dreamachine offers an insight into the everyday miracle of consciousness. To  explore one of the greatest remaining mysteries to humankind … all you need to do is to close your eyes.”

CEO of presenting partner Edinburgh Science, Dr Simon Gage said:

“Edinburgh Science specialises in bringing deeply immersive science-based experiences to communities, inviting them to engage with the world around them in new and exciting ways. Dreamachine is a unique and fantastic exploration of the power of the human mind, an experience that is at once both deeply personal and collectively awakening.”

Fergus Linehan, Festival Director, Edinburgh International Festival said:

“The Edinburgh International Festival is really pleased to partner with Collective Act, UNBOXED and the Edinburgh Science Festival to bring Dreamachine to the Festival City. Placing it in the Murrayfield Ice Rink once again takes the International Festival out of the city centre.”

Every experience of the Dreamachine will be completely individual. Research into these differing audience responses will shed unique light on how the human brain gives rise to our subjective ‘inner universe’, exploring the ways we each encounter the world, how this shapes our lives, and who we are. Even with the tools of modern neuroscience, the question of exactly why such vivid experiences occur is still unanswered.

To support research into this field, Dreamachine have launched The Perception Census: an ambitious new scientific study into the unique ways in which we each experience the world around us. Participants taking part in the Census will be invited to complete a series of online interactive and engaging tasks, exploring themes such as colours and illusions, time, sound and more. As well as contributing to this emerging field of science, those taking part in
the Census will have the chance to learn more about their own powers of perception. Take part today.

Alongside the live experience and The Perception Census, Dreamachine also invites children and families across the UK to take part in an interactive exploration into the amazing potential of the human brain, with free resources and activity ideas, including Life’s Big Questions hosted by Martin Dougan (CBBC Newsround). Children ages 7+ at home this summer, and at school in September, can delve deep into the extraordinary relationship between their senses and the brain, and connect their voices across the four nations with this interactive survey that will guide them through five big scientific and philosophical questions, such as: Are colours only in my mind? Is everything I
hear real? How do I know time is passing? Learn more and get involved here. Our education programme has been created in collaboration with teachers and pupils and our education partners A New Direction, British Science Association, Unicef UK and We The Curious.


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